centre activities - Maitreya Institute, Netherlands

Maitreya Institute has two centers in the Netherlands; a city center in Amsterdam and a country center in Loenen. There are also regular activities from study groups in Groningen and Breda. All the programs of the FPMT are taught at Maitreya Institute: Buddhism in a Nutshell, Meditation 101, Discovering Buddhism, Basic Program and the abbreviated Master Program.

Our center in the heart of Amsterdam has Ven. Kaye Miner as the main teacher, and she mostly teaches in English. Most courses are during the week in the evening hours, but there are also regular teachings, mini-retreats and other activities during the weekends. In Amsterdam, the following courses are offered besides meditation evenings and pujas: Buddhism in a Nutshell (Dutch), Meditation 1.0 (Dutch), Discovering Buddhism (English) and the Basic Program (English). Furthermore, Andy Weber regularly gives thanka painting courses and various other activities are organized, such as Tibetan language courses, drawing and sculpting Buddhas.

Loenen is a large center in a beautiful forest area, where we hold mainly weekend courses and provide accommodation for over 70 guests. The very experienced Ven. Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen is our resident teacher. All Buddhist courses here are taught in Dutch or translated from Tibetan to Dutch: Discovering Buddhism, Basic Program and Abbreviated Master Program. During the summer, there is the annual Lamrim course and often a residential retreats by visiting teachers. During the month of Saka Dawa, an eight-round Nyung Ne has become a tradition, and Andy Weber teaches two thangka painting courses in Loenen every year. The center houses an extensive library. Our professional cook provides us with great meals during courses.


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gompa in Amsterdam

centre in Loenen