White Manjushri and Mahamudra Retreat - Netherlands December 2017

The Deity, The Mind and Mahamudra: Resting in Clarity

White Manjushri and Mahamudra Retreat

Led by Geshe Sonam Ngodup

Translation by Venerable Jamyang Khedrup

Monday December 11 at 8 PM to Sunday December 17 at 5 PM
Maitreya Instituut Loenen, the Netherlands

This retreat will begin with an initiation (jenang) into the practice of White Manjushri, a gentle deity that helps us to cultivate wisdom,recollection and merit. Geshe la will guide the group in the meditation and recitation on this deity, which will act as the preliminary practice for Mahamudra meditation.

Geshe la will focus on the Mahamudra approach of the great Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen, whose method is inspired by both the Kagyu and Gelug traditions. This Mahamudra practice will help us to still our minds and allow us to rest in a state of clarity and lucidity. From within this peaceful and alert state, students will be guided in meditations on the relative and ultimate nature of their own mind.

Attendance at the initiation is optional, and not required for the retreat. However, Geshe la requests that participants not attending the White Manjushri jenang have at least received an initiation into the Kriya (Action) class of tantra from a qualified teacher of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

“When mind itself, ensnared in a tangle, loosens up, there is no doubt that it frees itself.” - Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen.

The retreat includes accommodation, vegetarian meals, bed linen and a towel.
On the first evening at 18.30 hrs a light supper is served.
Donation to offset the costs: € 360. Students are expected to do some 'karma yoga', meaning to help with some household work during the course as part of our spiritual practice to help each other, and so we can keep the courses affordable.

For more information please see our website https://www.maitreya.nl

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