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Senior Tibetan Cleric Faces Prison in China

The abbot of two convents in a Tibetan region of western China is expected to be sentenced on charges of weapons possession and embezzlement, according to his lawyers.
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China Bars Foreigners From Making Visits to Tibet

The ban is another indicator of the government’s skittishness over the coming anniversary of the Communist victory in 1949.
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Dalai Lama’s Journey Provokes China, and Hints at His Heir

As the Tibetan leader drew closer to his destination, a holy site in India, he was trailed by questions of who will succeed him and ominous warnings from China.
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Printing the Ancient Way Keeps Buddhist Texts Alive in Tibet

A press that uses wooden blocks and dates to 1729 is the embodiment of a hallowed tradition and is one site where the Tibetan language is being preserved.
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