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Senior Tibetan Cleric Faces Prison in China

The abbot of two convents in a Tibetan region of western China is expected to be sentenced on charges of weapons possession and embezzlement, according to his lawyers.
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China Bars Foreigners From Making Visits to Tibet

The ban is another indicator of the government’s skittishness over the coming anniversary of the Communist victory in 1949.
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Trump Signs Law Punishing Chinese Officials Who Restrict Access to Tibet

Lawmakers hope to force China to lift the travel restrictions, which they say are meant to conceal abuses of Tibetans’ human rights.
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Palden Gyatso, Monk Who Suffered for a Free Tibet, Dies at 85

Mr. Gyatso said he endured decades of brutality in Chinese prisons. Once he escaped, he told the world his story and championed Tibetan independence.
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Enshrining Tibetan Buddhist Artifacts at Home. For Now.

Alice S. Kandell’s adventures have led her to a cradle of Buddhism, and to rare treasures.
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